FGP – Chill out with a Cosmopolitan ….

Photo of Friday Guilty Pleasures BagSo it’s FRIDAY – you’ve made it to the weekend and are in need of some TLC. We want every weekend to be truly fabulous.  Start yours with our handpicked GUILTY PLEASURE BAG.  In this week’s Guilty Pleasures Bag you will find - a small, but perfectly formed Cosmopolitan Cocktail that will leave you stirred and not shaken. Let the cocktail add an extra frisson to sugar coated chocolate mini eggs. Luxurious bath gel invokes a sense of calm before you escape into a historical romance.

Imagine … it’s early evening you start to run a bath adding a few drops of Badedas bath gel. As that wonderful scent floats around the house, you feel better already. Nothing can prepare you for the instant feel good as you sip your M&S Cosmopolitan cocktail.  Or in Kate’s case your M&S Mojito cocktail.   It’s chilled to perfection and makes immersing yourself in an abundance of bubbles feel like the obvious next step. As the relaxing bath washes away kids, overdrafts and housework, let a Cadbury’s mini egg (or two) melt slowly on your tongue. Wash down with a large sip of your Cosmopolitan and and stay in the bath until your glass is empty or the water goes cold.

Relax knowing that when you get out of the bath a good book is waiting by your bed.  Or in Kate’s case don’t wait – read it while you are in the bath.

We love Helen Dunmore. Lose yourself in the pages of the historical romance, The GreatCoat. Imagine what it feels like to wear the coat of someone you are falling in love with.

Cosmopolitan & Mojito Cocktails £1.99 each available from M&S stores

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