FGP – Flirting with a French man …

Photo of Friday Guilty Pleasures BagSo it’s FRIDAY- you’ve made it to the weekend and are in need of some TLC. We want every weekend to be truly fabulous.  Start yours with our handpicked Guilty Pleasure Bag.  In this week’s Guilty Pleasures Bag you will find just what you need to get in the mood for a French man …  [Read more...]

The secret of early morning chic …

We can learn a lot from French women about the art of illusion.  Smoke and mirror tricks are second nature.

Take the school run … I had only lived in France for a week when I knew I couldn’t swap kisses at the schoolgate with other Mums (and Dads) without looking chic … even at 7.45am.

For five days I played the voyeur just looking and learning. The secret of early morning chic seemed to be [Read more...]

5 Nightshirts for the larger bust …

So what can you go to bed in,  look great wandering around the house in, and be suitably modest if you have a full bust and teenage children?   Nightshirts.   They are such a flattering cover up – if you buy the right one.   And you are spoilt for choice.

This Bodas three quarter sleeve nightshirt in two shades of white has a touch of luxury.  From the Figleaves website it costs just £40 has a satin trim and shaped hem with slits.  The  three quarter sleeves make washing up the breakfast pots just a little bit easier.  www.figleaves.com

Photo of Bodas nightshirt from Figleaves


If your house is a bit on the chilly side and you want to be warm as well as covered up try this Tartan Brushed Cotton Nightshirt with Square Collar from Bonsoir of London comes in 5 colours and 6 sizes and costs £65.  www.bonsoirdirect.com   It feels better on than it actually looks.  Soft and modest.

Photo of Bonsoir of London nightshirt


As you would guess  M&S have some lovely natural fabrics and this check design is made from soft, breathable cotton. Cost £17.50. www.marksandspencers.com

Photo of m&S nightshirt


If you want early morning elegance this purple front swing pleated nightdress from M&S is perfectly respectable to float around the house in.  It wouldn’t embarrass teenagers or their friends.   Cost £17.50 www.marksandspencers.com

Photo of M&S purple nightdress


The luxury of silk just can’t be beaten.  And if you have £166 to spend La Perla has this beautiful 100% silk pink that completely changes your perception of nightshirts.www.laperla.com

Photo of La Perla nightshirt

But there is a downside – or maybe I should say a droopy side – to this nightshirt.  The silk caresses your skin and if one breast is bigger than the other(and this is very common) it will show.


But if you want a nightshirt that looks good enough to go out in – worn over leggings or over a bikini on the beach.   This slinky grey number from Donna Karan, available at Peter Jones Sloane Square – part of the John Lewis group or on-line from johnlewis.com is perfect.  It has three quarter length sleeves (don’t forget those breakfast pots) and is a soft cotton in charcoal grey.  It covers a multitude of sins including large breasts and swings in a flatteringly feminine way. Looks great on and feels so so good next to your skin. Cost £50. www.johnlewis.com

Photo of DKNY nightshirt


FGP – From Rosé to Romance

Photo of Friday Guilty Pleasures BagSo it’s FRIDAY- you’ve made it to the weekend and are in need of some TLC. We want every weekend to be truly fabulous.  Start yours with our handpicked Guilty Pleasure Bag.  In this week’s Guilty Pleasures Bag you will find … [Read more...]

Horse riding knickers and novelist Annette Gordon

Today it’s Annette Gordon, TV Producer, French B&B owner and Novelist.

Deep in the heart of the French countryside surrounded by chickens, horses and a stray cat Annette is penning her latest novel. Disturbed occasionally by guests wanting to stay at her B&B she is quietly creating Susan.

Photo of Annette Gordon

Susan, the heroine, is a discreet M&S lady. She’s divorced, struggling to pay for her kids’ education and has totally forgotten about underwear or a sex life of any kind until she is forced to submit to the dictatorial edicts of …  [Read more...]

What Not To Wear In Bed …

Photo of Mimi Holliday Kir Royale Classic Knickers

1. Your partner’s old t-shirts … both of you deserve better.

2. Your ex-partners old t-shirts … put them in the bin.

3. Your son’s old Ninja Turtle PJs … let the charity shop rescue you from a lingerie sin.

4. Holey pants … unless they look like … [Read more...]