5 best ‘invisible’ bras to smooth out your silhouette

1.  I never thought I’d use the words “stylish” and “Spanx” in the same sentence yet the Spanx Bra-llelujah! lace underwire contour bra shown in black and also available in nude has stunning looks for a bra that promises to banish the dreaded back-fat.

Photo of Spanx Bra-llelujah! lace underwire contour bra

Spanx is known for its functional-looking designs and you won’t be disappointed by the wide range of  Bra-lleluhah! bras available all aimed at banishing back-fat whilst minimising, uplifting etc.

2.  Marks and Spencers have used pretty lace side panels to provide their solution to the back-fat problem through the Flatter-Me range.  Pretty in pale-pink animal print up to D cup and  also available in the DD+ range shown here in shocking pink.

Photo of Marks and Spencer Flatter-Me™ Animal Print T-Shirt Plunge Bra

Marks and Spencer Flatter-Me floral lace DD+ t-shirt bra

3.  Triumph’s answer is termed Body Make-up.  The emphasis here is on clever figure-hugging fabric and the bra comes with an added bonus of not having a label!

Photo of Triumph Body Make-up push-up bra

4.  If you are after the perfect non-padded T-shirt bra that will make your bust look fabulous, Gossard’s Glossies plunge bra is available up to a G cup from Figleaves.com.

Photo of Gossard Glossies plunge bra in Mocha

5.  And now for the ultimate invisible bra – this has to be the Nuditi bra from Nudwear – backless and strapless, it is made from a clear soft silicone gel.

Photo of Nuditi Bra



La Rouge Boutique versus Agent Provocateur

It’s the sensational v sensible debate.

Money is getting tighter but you have expensive tastes. Wouldn’t we all love to own this luxurious ensemble from Agent Provocateur?

It’s seductive but your bank manager would prefer sensible.

Sensational would mean spending £565 on this three piece ensemble of naughtiness.

Photo of Agent Provocateur baby doll in red

Who wouldn’t look fabulous in this Alina babydoll from agentprovocateur.com. It’s £345 worth of wonderful illusion hiding bumps and lumps to look truly fabulous.

Photo of Agent Provocateur Alina Bra & Ouvert in Red

Team it with this delicate but bosom cradling bra and you can add £110.

The matching Alina briefs have french lace and frills but they will add £110 to your bill.

So although you are undoubtedly worth it and the money will have been well spent if it makes you feel even just a little bit fabulous – it might be worth taking a look at this online boutique

LaRougeBoutique.co.uk has something equally frivolous in red that will cost less than £60 for all three pieces.

Photo of Sequin Sheer BabyDoll in red from La Rouge Boutique

This sequin embroidery sheer net baby doll costs £27.99 and has a ribbon trimmed hem.

Photo of La Rouge Boutique Red Diamond stretch lace bra and strappy shorts set

The red Diamond stretch lace bra and waist enhancing briefs are £29.99 for the set and would look great under the baby doll.

Sensible enough to please your bank manager?

Fabulous Figleaves for bigger boobs

When signing up for our Newsletter Ali M asked for help to find two new bras and a bikini for her holiday. ‘Any tips or good finds for those of us with bigger boobs would be great’ she said. We’ve tracked down three bras to choose from and a tankini and all Ali or any of our followers has to do is click onto www.figleaves.com to find fabulous lingerie and swimwear.

Photo of Gossard Animal Print bra

This Animal Print bra from Gossard goes up to a G cup and is underwired to give extra support. The straps are slender so perfect for summer dresses and the matching pants make a good holiday set. (Currently reduced in the sale at www.figleaves.com)

Photo of Gossard Animal Print pants

This daisy embroidered non padded balconette also goes up to a G cup. From the Just Peachy range by figleaves.com It’s absolutely fresh and lovely.

Photo of Just Peachy balconette bra from Figleaves

But Freya tops it for me. This Arabella balcony bra is cleverly sheer and seductive as the panelled cups give a deceivingly supportive fit and lift up to a J cup.

Photo of Freya Arabella Balcony bra GG - J cup

Photo of Freya Arabella brief

This striking tankini top has underwiring for support and mesh lined cups. The striped halterneck tie matches perfectly with the bikini bottoms. Both from Just Peachy by figleaves.com

Photo of Just Peach Tankini by Figleaves

Photo of Just Peachy Bikini Bottoms by Figleaves

If anyone wants help with their holiday lingerie we are happy to share our expertise.


How a corset can make the most of any shape

Create an illusion in the boudoir with this stunning ‘made to order’ corset.  Something we have searched for especially for one of our blog followers  who contacted Boudoir to say ‘where are the corsets for girls who need H cups?’

Photo of Curious Curves Halterneck Corset

The answer  is Curious Curves. They have both ready made and made to measure. The Desire range is super flattering with the halterneck.  Made in luxury satin there is a strong range of colours from subtle blues to vibrant reds.

Photo of Curious Curves Corset in Cerise

Our blog follower  reveals that she wants to look and feel good.  She wants to make the most of her neat waist and good legs, but distract from her bigger stomach.    Curious Curves  has a great website with an excellent measuring guide.   Made to measure corsets take between 14 and 21 days.

Photo of Curious Curves Corset

And bigger cup sizes can also be found at Corset Heaven

Photo of Corset Heaven - Adonia

We really love their honesty and common sense ‘the larger we are, the more we squish’.

Their overbust corset in satin has spiral steel boning and will look good in and out of the boudoir.



Photo of What Katie Did Union Flag Corset - Limited Edition

And this corset is just to die for.   It really is a show stopper.  It might not suit our reader with the H cup as it only goes up to a D, but we can all appreciate it’s wow factor.  It is steel boned bodice with a plunging neckline and will work for girls with curves who want the hourglass figure that’s all the rage this summer.

It will attract lots of attention as the nipped in waste distracts from bigger hips and the design is bold and fun. And for those of us without a definite waist a corset will sculpt and shape one.  So with a corset it’s win win whatever your shape.

Photo of What Katie Did Union Flat Corset - rear view

Have the confidence to wear  a corset.  It conceals where needed and flatters where wanted.  Perfect for creating the illusion you want.

  • Flabby tum distracts from good pins? Not in this corset – the corset is so sexy it will flatten tums and make legs look fabulous.
  • Flat chest so reluctant to try a plunging neckline? Steel boned corsets push up and out.
  • Big hips that you hide under baggy pants? Create the illusion of voluptuous perfection in a corset that nips in the waist to flatter curvy girls.

From whatkatiedid.com this patriotic corset would make it onto Boudoir’s list of Ten Things Every Girl should own.

Made to order they say delivery is 3 to 4 weeks, but bigger breasted girls take note this fab corset only goes up to a D cup.

Have you noticed that corsets are everywhere this summer? And you don’t have to hide them – they look good with pencil skirts.




Comfortable in our own skin

More of us than ever hate the way we look, according to a Sunday glossy magazine article this week.

Something called ‘fat talk’ has infiltrated everyday conversation reinforcing the ‘thin ideal’ and contributing to our body dissatisfaction.

It works like this. You see someone you haven’t seen for ages and you say ‘You look great – have you lost weight?’ Or, on being offered a cream bun you say ‘Ooh, I really shouldn’t.’ It’s part of a dieting culture that has developed over many years leading to the perpetual dieter and diet driven language.

In The Observer Magazine, last Sunday, Dr Phillippa Diedrichs says: ‘After three minutes of fat talk, there’s evidence that our body dissatisfaction increases significantly.’

And being fat is not the only thing that we may be dissatisfied with … especially when we compare ourselves to the surgically enhanced and airbrushed. So, if as the article says, more of us than ever hate the way we look, what type of language can we use that will help counteract this negative talk?

What if everyday conversation avoided re-enforcing harmful stereotypes that fuel body-image anxiety?

What if we reject so-called ‘fat-talk’ and embrace the language of “FAB TALK”.

Like: “You look great”.

And instead of focusing on appearance, start appreciating qualities & strengths we notice in others.

Like kindness, generosity, humour, friendship & thoughtfulness


Why are we gripped by body-image anxiety. Eva Wiseman investigates. The Observer Magazine, Sunday 10th June 2012. http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2012/jun/10/body-image-anxiety-eva-wiseman

Dr Phillippa Diedrichs, University of the West of England http://hls.uwe.ac.uk/profiles/Profile.aspx?id=2254194

How to be a cover-up sensation on the beach?

Whatever your shape

Whatever your size

Whatever you don’t feel confident about

Make this summer different.

So if you are a big girl, a curvy girl, a skinny girl, a too ashamed to take your clothes off kind of girl – keep reading because we can help you create the illusion of fabulous and give you the confidence to walk the beach in style.

Have you heard of swim bras and swim briefs? We had certainly missed this one. So check out Elomi Swimwear  available online and at Debenhams.


This bra in black gives up the support and comfort you need without the fear of falling out of an itsy bitsy bikini.

Team it up with the black high waisted briefs to pull in and flatten where you feel you need it. This range is called Yarra and what makes it truly fabulous on the beach is this flared tankini that you wear over the top of the bra and briefs.

It’s in tan, chocolate and black animal print and worn with the swim briefs and swim bra it is perfect for sitting on the beach, walking to the bar and for taking a stylish dip.

The whole outfit exudes confidence according to designers Elomi and after taking a look ourselves we believe them.

But what if you are not curvy and your confidence dips because your hips stick out or your chest is flatter than the M25?

We love this Tahloola slashed, fringe cover-up from Agent Provocateur. Wear it over a bikini or swimsuit and cause waves on any beach this summer. It’s the ultimate confidence booster. We make no apologies for featuring this item yet again.


But don’t be put off by the Agent Provocateur price. It’s gorgeous but this ASOS Crochet Fringed Beach Tee at only £30 is a good alternative for those looking to create an illusion this summer.

It’s crocheted, has a ribbed bodice and tassel fringing from the waist downwards. The tassels feel great as you sashay across the sand.

All three beach outfits will allow seductive swirling this summer whatever it is we are trying to hide.

Any other tips for making a confident entry to beaches?