FGP – From Rosé to Romance

Photo of Friday Guilty Pleasures BagSo it’s FRIDAY- you’ve made it to the weekend and are in need of some TLC. We want every weekend to be truly fabulous.  Start yours with our handpicked Guilty Pleasure Bag.  In this week’s Guilty Pleasures Bag you will find …

…  sparkling Rosé Cava to be sipped through a straw;  a matching pink cupcake to be decadently nibbled;  luxurious body butter for massaging every inch of your tired body; and the promise of a hot date

It’s been a tough week but Friday night is yours to enjoy. Take your chilled mini bottle of M&S Rosado Cava and head slowly to the bathroom. Your bath is running and your favourite bath gel has been added. Maybe it’s the Badedas you bought last week. As you sink into the rich luxurious magic of Badedas, increase the guilty pleasure by sipping Cava through a straw. As the bubbles hit the spot reach for the pink softness of your cupcake. Nibble slowly, lick every last bit of icing and don’t waste a crumb.  Except if you are Kate.  She says swap cupcake for oatcake and slap on a piece of Stilton cheese.   Whatever your choice this divine decadence will have erased the drive home. Relax and sip slowly, let the bubbles transport you from the traumas of the week.

Feel good enough for your next treat? Massage your damp body with gently perfumed Body Butter from The Sanctuary. It’s an intense, moisturising treat and one you richly deserve. With soft swirling motions let your body soak up the attention, but don’t enjoy it too much. You can only keep Mr Darcy waiting for so long.
Fall into the arms of the classic romance, Pride and Prejudice on DVD, and escape to a world of lace and ribbons.  Or join Kate ditching Darcy for espionage –  in the arms of Bond in Casino Royale.

Rosado Cava M&S approx £4.00 each either available online or from M&S Stores

The Sanctuary Body Butter approx £9.20 available or online at The Sanctuary or from some Boots stores or online from Boots




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