Horse riding knickers and novelist Annette Gordon

Today it’s Annette Gordon, TV Producer, French B&B owner and Novelist.

Deep in the heart of the French countryside surrounded by chickens, horses and a stray cat Annette is penning her latest novel. Disturbed occasionally by guests wanting to stay at her B&B she is quietly creating Susan.

Photo of Annette Gordon

Susan, the heroine, is a discreet M&S lady. She’s divorced, struggling to pay for her kids’ education and has totally forgotten about underwear or a sex life of any kind until she is forced to submit to the dictatorial edicts of … a personal shopper and stylist.

‘Poor Susan doesn’t have anything you could describe as lingerie’ says Annette. ‘She is forced to rethink her wardrobe and her underwear’.

And does it change her life?

‘It does. Lovely lingerie makes her feel great, but you will have read the book to find out how’, teases Annette.

So what lurks in the knicker drawer of someone who writes edgy romances and historical mysteries?

Well, almost everything in my knicker drawer should not be there. Being a horse rider, super functional ‘pants’ are there and maybe they shouldn’t be. I have an awful lot of pants with holes in them, in fact I own pants with more holes in them than Blackburn Lancashire.

Photo of horse and tulips

I do have some ‘knickers’ but rarely wear them. They have matching bras which are now spread between homes in two countries. Like star crossed lovers I am hoping one day they will be reunited.

And when Annette’s novel hits the best seller list will she be spending on undies?

Yes and at Bravissimo ‘Having been gifted with large heaving bosoms that make men pant with desire’ (sorry Annette I got carried away by the idea of creating a heroine).

I go to Bravissimo for everything. I have large breasts and they stock loads of larger sizes in really nice designs which is a great comfort when you are bigger. I buy off the peg there but you can get a fitting. They are fantastic and have so much choice.

My favourite individual label would be Freya which always seem to fit really well and the styles are very pretty and flattering. We’re talking about the pretty stuff not the everyday ride a horse underwear for 5 hours stuff, though I go there for sports bras and roomy pants.

And Annette has another tip to share … but romance has been ditched in favour of robust.

Good pants for riding are hard to find, my best buy was in Bloomingdales in New York, where I bought loads of really well made white cotton pants. The elasticated leg bits are double covered with cotton which make them super comfortable and that is very hard to find.

Let’s hope poor downtrodden Susan – left with the kids and the bills – gets to wear something altogether more chic – I see lace and frills and not a horse in sight.

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