Divine Decadence in Jenny Packham’s Luxurious Lingerie

An illusion tip from Boudoir – now you see your money now you don’t!

Sideview of Jenny Packham feather-trimmed silk-chiffon chemise

How many of us can afford £495 to look this good and then find we have to pick up a dry cleaning bill.

This Jenny Packham black, sheer silk-chiffon chemise is divine decadence – it’s the last word in lingerie luxury. Trimmed with delicate feathers – actually 100% ostrich – this is full-on glamour. It will make any shape or size look fabulous – but I don’t see many bank managers being distracted enough by the feather trim to say ‘forget the overdraft, this is worth every penny’.

So take a deep sigh and dream on … it’s beautiful and feminine and floaty …

Photo of Jenny Packham feather-trimmed silk-chiffon chemise

and so not going to happen anytime soon for most of us.


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