What Feng Shui can teach you about lovely lingerie…

Let’s start the week with a different look at lingerie.

For years – all around the world – Feng Shui has been used to improve lives and lifestyles.

But can Feng Shui techniques help with our underwear?

Photo of Eleni SarantinouFeng Shui consultant, Eleni Sarantinou, believes it can and has some probing questions that might help all of us. How many women go shopping for underwear with barriers in place

  • I couldn’t buy that …
  • I couldn’t wear that …
  • I’m not that kind of …

These questions are what’s called mind barriers. Eleni Sarantinou is going to break them down for Boudoir Illusions in this mini Feng Shui workshop.

FENG SHUI is an ancient Chinese practice that harmonises the energy between people and their environment. The term Feng Shui literally means wind and water and is all about the right balance in energy in every place in a home or office, shopping center or building. We have all entered a house or office and got an amazing feeling of peace and some other times, we felt awkward and unpleasant.

It is incredible how our environment influences our lives. Simple things such as re-adjusting colors, shapes and materials can actually bring results we have been pursuing for years, all within days.

At the core of Feng Shui is the perfect balance between the 5 elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal as well as yin and yang—male and female energies.

“Lingerie”, says Eleni, “it’s got to be important as it is our body’s most intimate environment”.

Inner world & our body

Before we even consider colors, shapes, fabrics and styles, let us all consider the first question:

What does lingerie mean to you?

When we are clear about it, we bring to lingerie an awareness and open a door to our inner voice- hidden expectations, forgotten ambitions and so much more! This, right there, is good Feng Shui! It starts with that voice.

Then, comes the second question: How do you feel about your body?

Lingerie caresses our body, a big part of us which we all like to be confident and relaxed about, in love with it and deeply accepting of it. And that covers the inner Feng Shui, where all energy is born!

Choices & Balance

Sexy, Romantic, Comfy or Basic?

According to different Feng Shui theories, there are some preferences for each person on what to wear regarding color, shape and fabric but the fact remains: we change every day. If someone is advised to wear more reds and greens based on a Feng Shui theory, it is just one tiny part of the truth.

We all change every minute. Our needs change, the occasions change, our relationships change and our moods change. Limiting us to some preferred color is just that: limitation.

Holistic Feng Shui is all about blending every facet of our character and personality; marrying all elements together as often as possible.

Let me ask you? What woman does not like being sexy, romantic or comfortable?

‘I am not that kind of…’ is a mind barrier. Play with new styles. Be naughty and tender; be playful and surprising; be relaxed and cool; be creative and open-minded. Be fun!

It is essential to embrace our entire female spectrum, especially in our lingerie choices. We are sending a clear message to our bright future. Finally, once you decide to wear a specific set, connect with it, celebrate that part of yourself and enjoy!

Comfort & Quality

Just like any other space, our body above all needs space and room to breathe. No matter what choices, make sure you feel comfortable and you listen to your body. If a nice style of lingerie means pain and discomfort then is it worth it the loss of freedom and quality?

Love & Environment

Lingerie is also a representation of love working in a balanced way with our female side. Lovely lingerie is supported by a loving environment. Keep it in an inspiring love corner in the wardrobe in a sensual romantic bedroom. Add pink, peach and red details in objects. Create a loving energy all around you. When you open the wardrobe door to get it, be surrounded by pictures of two people, two love birds, two of anything.

Declutter & Organize

Lingerie, night gowns and dressing gowns need to be just like any other clothes – nicely organized! The way every woman chooses to do that is not important but they need to be easily seen and found. What often happens is that they are mingled with each other in a drawer and we forget about nice sets for months; it is just like forgetting about some parts of us. Find a way to make them visible, keep them in different little bags or boxes, maybe with a nice picture of you in them to inspire!

Women enjoy better physical health when they take good care of this side.

Dressing gowns should never be hanging behind doors or lying on chairs where dust slowly covers them. Take good care of them and have a regular spot where you can easily find them.

Can Feng Shui improve your knicker drawer? Influence what you buy? Can it make you feel fabulous?

We’d love to know.

Eleni Sarantinou is Feng Shui Consultant, Life Coach & NLP Trainer at www.life-spheres.com

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