Lingerie Nightmares from X-Factor’s Kate Thornton

Today it’s television presenter and journalist Kate Thornton sharing one of her biggest lingerie nightmares.

Photo of Kate Thornton by ITVKate Thornton has worked on some of ITV’s biggest and most popular shows from Loose Women to X-Factor to 72 Degrees North. She also presented Top of the Pops and as a television personality she is no stranger to red carpet celebrations.

Her nightmare – revealed exclusively to Boudoir – is arriving in her black, chauffeur driven car to a flash of lights and paparazzi. As it glides to a halt, her frock is chic, her smile is fixed and she exits the car to reveal …she has forgotten a vital piece of clothing – her knickers. Luckily for Kate this is just a nightmare. There are no Judy Finnegan wardrobe malfunctions in her closet.

But imagine being the presenter of X-Factor. It’s early Saturday evening and you know you will be watched by up 13 million viewers. Your dress has to be super slinky. You have to feel confident. So what do you wear under your frock to make you feel good.

It’s simple,’ says Kate ‘To look and feel good on screen your underwear has to work as hard as you do. It has to add and subtract in all the right places.’

‘Lingerie with frills and bows and ribbons and lace is a big no’ reveals Kate ‘My lingerie drawer is about gel bras that add a bit if, like me, you are on the wrong side of average’.

‘No vpl pants are an absolute essential to avoid the ‘cheese cutter’ look’.

‘And another serious essential is Spanx.’

Kate is a Spanx devotee.

‘It’s a genius invention. It smooths out lumps and makes me feel great. To stand up and be scrutinised by millions of people – believe me you need to feel your underwear is doing all it can to help you.’

But isn’t Spanx a bit uncomfortable. Doesn’t it hold you in so tight you might fall faint to the floor and have to be cut free?

‘Spanx isn’t for everyday’ admits Kate ‘And you wouldn’t want to wear it for too long, but when I am wearing it my posture improves. It’s a great look. This is why Spanx is loved by women’

Kate always looks fabulous and here we have three secrets from a TV star’s underwear drawer:

  • gel bras;
  • no vpl (‘visible panty line’) knickers;
  • and Spanx to smooth out lumps, bumps and make you sit up straight.

Kate used to present the Saturday evening ITV entertainment show Don’t Try This At Home but these three tips are definitely safe to try at home.

Photo of Kate Thornton in blue dress

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