Jennifer Saunders Moon Walks and raises money for breast cancer

Photo of the start of MoonWalk 2012

Photo of MoonWalkers

While most of us were sleeping from midnight Saturday until mid morning Sunday thousands of women – and some men – took to the streets of London wearing fantastically decorated bras.

Photo of Jennifer Saunders MoonWalk

Ab Fab creator, Jennifer Saunders, was sporting a sparkly Swarovski crystal bra as she joined thousands to walk 26 miles through London at night to raise funds for breast cancer. Having fought the disease herself – and got the all clear in 2010 – she braved the low temperatures and bared her chest for a good cause.

This was the 15th annual MoonWalk marathon to raise money for breast cancer research. Over £77million has been raised during this time and Saturday night’s turn out was huge and is sure to push that figure up even further.

It was a star studded night with former Page 3 girls Jilly Johnson and Nina Carter walking in memory of their former boss – British lingerie designer – Janet Reger. Janet Reger died from this diease in 2005. Walking with these two was Anthea Turner remembering her friend, and colleague, Caron Keating who died in 2004 aged only 41.

Photo of Jilly Johnson, Nina Carter, Anthea Turner - MoonWalk

So bras off to all these fantastic walkers who sacrificed a night in a warm bed to raise money for one of the biggest killers of women every year.

Photo Moonwalk 2012

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