Can Mary Portas save the British economy with pants? … Or should I say Knickers …

Looking back through last week’s newspapers it seems barely credible that so many column inches could be devoted to pants. But Mary Portas has put a very different P into politics and turned our scanties into a hot topic for debate.

Love her or hate her – she knows how to grab attention. Normally underwear is just that – it’s under something and rarely talked about. But now shoppers are being urged to ‘Love Your Country with Kinky Knickers’ and journalists are asking ‘Can Mary Portas save the British economy with pants?’ Talk of Mary switching back on the lights of British industry is unashamedly patriotic and we love that.

But we want to throw another question into this important debate … 
Is it pants or knickers we are talking about here? What do women really prefer? This question could divide the country and we want to hear your answers.

Mary in her C4 programme Mary’s Bottom Line is consistent. It’s knickers all the way. Out on the streets with a camera she was urging women to flash their knickers so that she could read the ‘who made them’ label. None were UK made. Mary was proving a point – let’s get patriotic about our pants.

And she and C4 are doing just that. From a factory in a depressed part of Manchester they are making lace pants like this.

Photo of Mary Portas - Black Lace pantsPhoto of Mary Portas - Peach Lace pants
Available to order now from Liberty it’s very much ‘Kinky Knickers’.

Image of Mary Portas Kinky Knickers at Liberty

The boast about these knickers is that they are made in Britain from the finest quality lace. They are sexy, comfortable and no VPL.

Over the next few weeks we will be trying out these knickers  on volunteers of different shapes and sizes.   Will they live up to their hype?

Mary’s Bottom Line available to view online on 4OD until 14th April 2012

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