Dear Boudoir … my favourite nightshirt …

Dear Boudoir

“… My favourite nightshirt has a rip in it.  Do you think I need a new one? …”

an extract from a letter from Andrea

Photo of old ripped nightshirt


Dear Andrea

I am surprised you even need to ask this question.  A ripped nightshirt is just sloppy. Clearly you are too lazy to do what your grandmother would have done and either repair it with a needle and thread or buy some fabric and make a new one.

Luckily Boudoir has five ways to help you.

1.  If you want something practical and comfortable this Tartan Brushed Cotton Nightshirt with Square Collar from Bonsoir of London comes in 5 colours and 6 sizes and costs £65.

Photo of Bonsoir of London nightshirt

But are you sure you want another ‘practical’ nightshirt?

2. Try the Figleaves website  and you will see this the Bodas three quarter sleeves nightshirt in two shades of white. It costs £40 and has a touch of luxury with the satin trim and shaped hem with slits.  Boudoir loves three quarter sleeves.  It’s much easier to wash the breakfast pots if you don’t have to roll up your sleeves first.

Photo of Bodas nightshirt from Figleaves

3. You say you like natural fabrics and M&S have this check design nightshirt made from soft, breathable cotton. Cost £17.50.

Photo of m&S nightshirt

But ‘Dear Andrea’ are you sure you want another nightshirt?  Dare to be different. 

This elegant purple front swing pleated nightdress from M&S is perfectly respectable to float around the house in.  It wouldn’t embarrass your teenage son.  Cost £17.50

Photo of M&S purple nightdress

4.  And if you have £166 to spend La Perla has this beautiful 100% silk pink that completely changes your perception of

Photo of La Perla nightshirt

5.  But this is what Boudoir would choose if she needed a new nightshirt.  From Donna Karan, available at Peter Jones Sloane Square – part of the John Lewis group or you can buy on-line from  This three quarter sleeved nightshirt (Boudoir loves those sleeves) is a soft cotton in charcoal grey.  It covers a multitude of sins including the large breasts you talk about and swings in a flatteringly, feminine way. Looks great on and feels so good next to your skin. Cost £50.

Photo of DKNY nightshirt

Andrea please let Boudoir know if you buy one of these nightshirts.  Your review – good or bad – would make Boudoir very happy.


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