Is this the perfect Royal wedding anniversary gift for Kate?

This is more of a ‘tip off’ than a Tuesday Tip!  This beautiful Royal Jubilee corset ‘Regally Donned’ is a Limited Edition and orders are flooding in.

Photo of Frantic About Frances Regally Donned Corset

The bespoke set consists of a beautiful fully steel-boned corset, and frilly burlesque knickers. Retailing at £250, this set won’t hang around for long. Do your bit for Britain, and ensure you look pin-up pretty for the Royal Jubilee!  Wear it again for the Olympic games.

But if you are a corset virgin then before you buy make sure you buy the right size. This corset can be ordered from Frantic About Frances  Their website has this tip.

Using a sewing tape measure (not a DIY metal one!) measure around your waist, either on your skin, or over only one thin layer of clothing, ie a t-shirt. Write down this measurement.

This is your NATURAL WAIST size. Then, SUBTRACT 4 INCHES from this number. This will be your CORSET SIZE.

So, let’s pretend my waist is 26 inches. That means my corset size will be a 22inch corset. Now, if your waist size is an uneven number, say 25 inches, then you can choose to subtract 3 inches or 5 inches to get your corsest size. So a 25 inch waist could wear either a size 20inch or a 22 inch corset. It kind of depends on your body type, but I would recommend subtracting 3 inches if your waist is an uneven number, to get your best corset size.

As a professional corset fitter in a former career Frantic About Frances knows the number one thing that puts people off buying a corset … it’s not knowing how to put one on and take it off.  It looks daunting, but is actually simple … with practice.

We just had to share this perfect Royal wedding anniversary gift with you today – but  corsets are an art form and maybe there’s more you want to know about them?  Is there a burning question on corsets that we can sort for you?

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