Supermarket Bra Wars – Do you get what you pay for?

Photo of F&F Eve Padded Balcony Bra


Matching Bra & Pants sets

Having matching underwear always makes you feel better, but in these austere times is it worth spending less in order to have a matching set?

We asked our model – Bra size 34e, Pants size 10-12 -to buy three matchings sets from Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco

This is what she found … 

In Asda she spent £9.50 - Bra £6, Pants £3.50 on George at Asda Floral Bra and Brief set (April 2012)

Photo of Asda Floral lace braReview:

BRA - George at Asda

Fit & Comfort – Good fit, but uncomfortable

Appearance – Pretty from the front, not attractive from the back

Quality – Reasonable, but shoddy worksmanship, lace crooked

Recommend? - No


Photo of Asda Floral lace bra


PANTS - George at Asda

VPL Test – Fail, the pants were grotesque, deeply unflattering style, front and rear

Recommend? – No


In Sainsbury’s she bought from the Tu range Bra £10, Pants £5 Pink micro fibre lingerie (Tu lingerie range is not currently available online April 2012)


BRA - Tu at Sainsbury’s

Photo of Sainsburys 122402121 Pink Bra

Fit & Comfort – good support, bit of underarm overhang

Appearance – very pretty

Quality – poor, nylon material, very scratchy, lots of static

Recommend - Sadly, no



PANTS - Tu at Sainsbury’s
Photo of Sainsbury's 122404185 Pink Brief

VPL Test – Pass, nice looking knickers, material rubbish, good fit

Recommend? – Sadly, no


In Tesco she bought from the F&F Eve range, Bra £9 & 2 pairs of pants – shorts £4 and thong £3 (April 2012)

Review:Photo of F&F Eve Padded Balcony Bra

BRAF&F at Tesco

Fit & Comfort – not such a good fit, need to buy one size smaller, poor support for everyday bra

Appearance – lovely, feminine, pretty, doesn’t look cheap,

Quality – cotton lined cups, soft lace, nice attention to detail

Recommend? – Yes, good value for a flattering, special occasion bra


Photo of F&F Eve Short Brief


PANTSF&F at Tesco

VPL – fail, both shorts and thong very visible, but flattering and comfortable

Recommend? – yes, if VPL isn’t important


Photo of F&F Eve Thong

In contrast, our model owns a Freya matching set of bra with shorts & thong.

Fit & comfort – good fit, very comfortable, even after many washes

Appearance – beautiful fabric, lovely detail, flattering & neat from front and rear

Quality – excellent, soft fabrics,

Recommend? – Yes, good value, six months of wearing & washing with no visible difference

VPL – Pass, but only just. Both shorts and thong flattering and comfortable.

Our model’s tip when buying matching sets:

“Buy the bra you want and hold your nerve until the pants come up in the sale and then buy two pairs. This means you can have quality at a great price”.

Overall our model was impressed by the prettiness of the matching sets – except for the Asda pants which were truly gross.

She thought the supermarket ranges were a good start, but they all could and should do better considering the potential volume of women buyers.

All of the displays were crowded and unloved. Is this how women want to buy lingerie?

What do you think?


Only the Freya set has been worn and washed and washed.   The supermarket brands will be put to further tests.

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  1. Marie says:

    The problem with supermarket bras is you don’t get fitted the way you do at a proper lingerie store – what you save on price you can lose on comfort and fit. They work better for youngsters…

    • Kate says:

      Our model said she felt confident she was around a 34E as she has been fitted by John Lewis, Rigby & Peller and Marks & Spencers.

      But she also said she was aware that her size naturally fluctuated over any month and normally she would be fitted before buying a bra. And as you get older this is increasingly important …

    • Lyn says:

      Totally agree with Marie. Having had a clear out of the underwear drawer recently, I found at least 3 sets of supermarket lingerie ….some still with the tags on..where the first impression and look enticed a purchase…but the quality..and perhaps more importantly the fit meant that they were consigned to ‘recycle’ status! John Lewis fitting for me ever since.

      • Trish says:

        Lyn, thank you for your useful feedback on supermarket underwear. We are corresponding with the lingerie buyers at our major supermarkets to urge them to do better. More women pass through their doors than any other customer and they are letting us all down. Boudoir will campaign for change because British women deserve decent underwear at an affordable price. Do sign up for our weekly newsletter if you want to follow our campaign.