Interview with Who Made Your Pants entrepreneur Becky John

Today it’s Becky John founder of

Who Made Your Pants? is about two things. It’s about pants, gorgeous, not guilty, ethical pants. And it’s about women.

Women who’ve had a hard time make these pants and it’s changing their lives.

Photo of Becky John

Becky is a busy woman. Her phone never stops ringing and she spends a worrying amount of time [Read more...]

What your pants say about you …

What your pants say about you …

Does opening your underwear drawer fill you with joy or complete horror?  Are your pants a tangled mess or a colour co-ordinated bed of seduction?

If they are more saggy than chic – empty the drawer now.   Forget life laundry, this is lingerie laundry.

Start with the easiest task … [Read more...]