5 ways to declutter and organise your lingerie …

5 tops tips from Feng Shui Consultant Eleni Sarantinou:

Photo of mixed lingerie

  1. Unclutter and organise your underwear drawer;
  2. Make lovely lingerie easy to find;
  3. Sort matching sets in different bags or boxes;
  4. Love your dressing gown – don’t leave it lying around gathering dust;
  5. Love yourself by buying lingerie that makes you feel good.

Photo of two bra and pants matching sets

5 easy steps on the road to caring more about intimate garments that after all work hard to caress our bodies all day!

What Feng Shui can teach you about lovely lingerie…

Let’s start the week with a different look at lingerie.

For years – all around the world – Feng Shui has been used to improve lives and lifestyles.

But can Feng Shui techniques help with our underwear?

Photo of Eleni SarantinouFeng Shui consultant, Eleni Sarantinou, believes it can and has some probing questions that might help all of us. How many women go shopping for underwear with barriers in place

  • I couldn’t buy that …
  • I couldn’t wear that …
  • I’m not that kind of …

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