Would You Wear This Bra on a Date?

This is a lingerie blog and it’s about lovely lingerie so with great reluctance we have been drawn into the comfort bra debate.

The Americans try to sugar coat it by calling it the ‘Ahh Bra’, but us Brits just tell it as it is – the ‘comfort’ bra.

Photo of Comfort type Beauty bras with lace trim

It’s plain, it’s unadorned in anyway. It’s a bra so ugly that women say they are too afraid to look [Read more...]

Supermarket Bra Wars – Do you get what you pay for?

Photo of F&F Eve Padded Balcony Bra


Matching Bra & Pants sets

Having matching underwear always makes you feel better, but in these austere times is it worth spending less in order to have a matching set?

We asked our model – Bra size 34e, Pants size 10-12 -to buy three matchings sets from Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco

This is what she found …  [Read more...]