Triumph v Figleaves – the battle of the TV adverts

When you go shopping for new underwear what influences you to choose one range over another?

Photo for Just Peachy advertIs it the adverts – cleverly shot with slinky models?

How many of us watched the new shape sensation advert on ITV1 and tapped Triumph into Google to find out  more?

How many of us have been seduced by Figleaves’ Just Peachy campaign on YouTube showing a figure to die for flashing her ample bosoms and table flat stomach?

Both adverts are a joy to watch, but Triumph might have the upper hand in using a peak time slot – for the first time in 40 years – on ITV1 to launch its new shape sensation range.

The advert is short, but long enough to tempt you to go out and buy. Perfectly made to fit the women of today is their slogan and the body dresses look good enough to wander around the house in.

Photo of Triumph Stylish Sensation Body dress

Link to Triumph TV advert (opens in new window)

As foundation garments they make you look slim in seconds and are the perfect base garments to hide any flabby bits.

If only a group of beautiful young girls – spotted recently in a Southampton wine bar – had watched this advert and taken note.

This black Retro BodyDress would have smoothed out the lumps and bumps and VPL that made their rear view, whilst stood at the bar, such a sorry sight for otherwise immaculately dressed young women.

Photo of Triumph Retro Body dress

Our Grandmothers knew the secrets of good foundation garments and this new shapewear from Triumph is a return to those old fashioned habits. Girls take note …

On YouTube the Just Peachy range from Figleaves is fast becoming an internet sensation as South African model, Candice Boucher, cavorts on a rumpled white bed to reveal matching bra and pants.

In peachy pink there are two balconette bras – padded and unpadded – with matching briefs or shorts in sizes 8 to 18.

Photo of Figleaves Just Peach Padded Balconette bra

It’s a great advert and if it gets its male followers to go out and buy for the women in their lives then none of us will complain.

But I still think the Triumph ad is the one to get us girls out there buying.

Which one wins the battle for you? Do adverts like these get you clicking through and ordering?

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