What your pants say about you …

What your pants say about you …

Does opening your underwear drawer fill you with joy or complete horror?  Are your pants a tangled mess or a colour co-ordinated bed of seduction?

If they are more saggy than chic – empty the drawer now.   Forget life laundry, this is lingerie laundry.

Start with the easiest task … tired old pants need to be binned.  If the only adjective to be used is comfortable then they should go too.

Comfortable and chic – is OK.   But if the best you can say is ‘comfortable’ then it might be time to say goodbye to them.

Only those pants which make you feel fabulous should go back in the drawer.

‘Make everyday a good pants day’ is a slogan Kate and I spotted recently.

These lace pants – in all colours – would look good in any underwear drawer.  Road tested by myself and Kate - we love the way they sit flat under clothes and have no VPL.   They also feel like a little bit of luxury under jeans  or a little black dress.

Photo of The 80s WhoMadeYourPants pantsPhoto of Brilliant Black WhoMadeYourPants pants

Under work clothes they live up to their slogan of ‘all day fabulous’.

Two friends – one a size 14 and the other a size 18 also tried them out.  Their feedback ranged from a ‘good fit’ to ‘sensuously comfortable’.

Photo of Ravishing Red WhoMadeYourPants pantsPhoto of Something Blue WhoMadeYourPants pants

WhoMadeYourPants is the company behind these lace knickers.  It’s a campaigning lingerie brand based in Southampton.  They are about two things – amazing pants and amazing women.

Based a small factory they create jobs for women who’ve had a hard time.  All profits are ploughed back into the business.

They believe pants can change the world – do you?


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