Would You Wear This Bra on a Date?

This is a lingerie blog and it’s about lovely lingerie so with great reluctance we have been drawn into the comfort bra debate.

The Americans try to sugar coat it by calling it the ‘Ahh Bra’, but us Brits just tell it as it is – the ‘comfort’ bra.

Photo of Comfort type Beauty bras with lace trim

It’s plain, it’s unadorned in anyway. It’s a bra so ugly that women say they are too afraid to look in the mirror.

A glamorous friend is a recent convert. She bought a pack of three – black, white and flesh coloured – and planned to wear them while horse riding.

But then she found they had enough support for the gym and in a further revelation she discovered they looked good under dresses and t-shirts.

She says they’re not the sort of bras you would wear on a date as they are too ugly to be seen by anyone other than yourself.

And she admits to being too scared to look in the mirror as they might be functional, but they are not pretty and they don’t make you feel attractive – not even slightly.

They’re the bra equivalent of Bridget Jones’ big pants.

We are not trying to tempt anyone to go out and buy, but if you do this is what you need to know.

They come in a wide range of sizes – from small – XXX large.

You can buy in packs of three – black, white and nude from the Idealworld website or tv shopping channel.

  • Offers support and personal fit
  • Special conical weaving follows your natural shape
  • Virtually invisible, even under tight shirts!
  • No hooks – seamless, pull-on design
  • Stretches and retains shape
  • Soft, comfortable, full coverage cups

New Colours – baby pink, baby blue and coral

The Ahh bra website boasts that we can say goodbye to pinching, binding, chafing and discomfort

  • Prevents bra-bulge and underarm cleavage
  • Fits perfectly even if you gain or lose weight
  • Machine washable and easy to clean

Review: Our friend is normally a shapely 36f and buys the large size as this is suitable for 34 – 36. She says they’re a nice shape, they lay smoothly and she would definitely buy again. She washes them by hand.

And more women than you would guess are wearing them … Whilst joking about them to my cousin she became so intrigued she used my Ipad to check them out and order some for herself. Another convert …

On the High Street, Next have their own version, a Seam-free Comfort Bra.

Photo of Next Seam-free Comfort bra

So if these bras are catching on should they be more honest and just change their name to the ‘Ugly’ bra and stop any pretence?

Or can a clever lingerie designer listen to what women want and take the concept and make a small concession towards glamour?





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